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November 30, 2009
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The Mother Core by TheTrashCaretaker The Mother Core by TheTrashCaretaker
-The Mother Core is not a planet or even a orbiting moon. It was built by the hands of something far greater then any man or alien. Something beyond even maybe this universe. Situated beneath the core was once a dead planet named BAON 5. After many years of research man has finally tapped into the Mother Core and it's energy. Using colossal manmade power grids the energy from the core is funneled into BAON 5 and has since then revived the planets inner core making it thrive in life once more. Research teams are now looking into ways to revive other dead planets using the mysterious power of Mother Core.

This is my entry for the "Center of Power" contest being held by ^taenaron

Always have a fun time with the sci-fi themes and this was a pretty fun topic. Took awhile to get this one done. Hope you guys enjoy.

Photoshop, tablet

full-view please

Just straightened that perspective problem in the back and those buildings in the front were wack so turned them around and gave them some dimension
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this is incredible. the detailing is unreal! amazing are very skilled artist.
hanaishi-chan Jun 16, 2010  Student General Artist
Wow! *0* This is such an amazing work!
It's awesome! :heart:
ErikShoemaker Feb 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that looks really interesting, probably very time consuming, too. Good luck in the contest!
Thanks kire, yeah this one took awhile to make but I learned a lot from it. Thanks again man!
Buuya Jan 3, 2010   Digital Artist
How epic! Your skills never cease to amaze :D
Nice work man! I really like the painting overall. But like Joey-B said, the perspective of the highway is a bit off in the back. Also I would make the stars a little bit smaller because they seem very big for this kind of distance. Last thing, maybe you could do some research on making planets, because there are a couple of very good tutorials on the net which explain step by step on how to make very realistic looking planets. I think these things would make this piece of art even more awesome! :)
The Perspective of the highway thingies is off in the back.. but DAMMIT this is one awesome painting.. man u've come a long way.. u gotta show me how u do those buildings like that.. cant get that to work out nice.. hmm.. crap me haha :P
Joey...YOUR ALIVE!!!

Have you been posting more on CA lately? Hey thanks man, seriously I'm in love with doing the environments but I know I still need to go over perspective and get it down better because I realize I still jack it up sometimes. Uh...highway thingy...are you talking about the long structures going into the core planet on the top? I could see a error there with the large one looking like it's not receding into the distance enough...
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